The Gaze from the Bicycle

Alaska 2007 - Port Williams, Chile 2012

Marc Hors (Barcelona, Spain) with his wife Indira Urrutia (La Calera, Chile) are responsible for the project The Gaze from the Bicycle, an itinerant photographic project which moved on bicycles across the American Continent (From Alaska 2007 to the Chilean Antarctic 2012) in search of natural, social and cultural values that characterize the countries of the American Continent. A project promoting solidarity, equity, participation and respect among cultures by linking what they learned from human behaviors, beliefs, and traditions with environmental and human right issues.

The documentation and photographs compiled have been projected in schools, cultural centers, and universities in order to make known and, thereby, motivate society to develop a shared sense of awareness, understanding, and respect.

On May 27, 2012, after five years, 14 countries and 20,000 miles, they reached Port Williams, the Chilean Antarctic. Through this amazing journey, they have published 21 articles in magazines, granted several media interviews, organized various photo exhibits and offered over three hundred lectures in schools, universities and cultural centers across the Americas.


Marc Hors is a documentary photographer and storyteller dedicated to capturing the social and cultural fabric of our contemporary society in all of its splendor, nuance and terrible beauty.

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