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Salvadoran fisherman uses the Atarraya to get the day's sustenance during a storm lashing the Pacific Ocean.
El Salvador, 2010
A couple of burners find some intimacy between hugs and the shadow of a paper fan, which they decide to share with the camera through a friendly look.
Burning Man 2023, Nevada, US
A Ukrainian boy throws himself onto the window of the bus that will take him to the refugee center in Przemyśl, Poland, where he will be relocated with his relatives to one of the refugee hosting towns.
Medyka, Poland 2021
A storm has turned Black Rock Desert into a muddy field during the Burning Man 2023 festival. A couple immortalizes it with a kiss and a selfie
Black Rock Desert, Nevada, US 2023
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Burning Man 2023
I made it back to camp, but the situation was dire: our common area under the shade structure was pummeled in rain. We were stuck in the mud but the party did not stop. Camps were still serving food and drinks, keeping the joy alive.
Portraits of Dignity
“Portraits of Dignity is a project that captures photographic images revealing the essential humanity of refugees as they flee the horrors of war and adjust to new cultures.
The escalation of the international armed conflict in Ukraine has caused civilian casualties and destruction of civilian infrastructure, forcing people to flee their homes seeking safety, protection and assistance.

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